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NWTC – North Walsham Town Council
NNDC – North Norfolk District Council
NCC – Norfolk County Council

Problem/Website linkPhone numberResponsibility
Abandoned Vehicle01263 516085NNDC
Antisocial Behaviour01263 516008NNDC
Bins – Park01692 404114NWTC
Bins – Litter03301 099220SERCO
Bin Collections03301 099220SERCO
Cats Eyes & Studs03448 008020NCC
Cemetery Issues01692 404114NWTC
Dog Fouling01263 516085NNDC
Drains or Sewers03448 008020NCC
Empty Homes01263 516080NNDC
Grass Verges03448 008020NCC
Problem/Website linkPhone numberResponsibility
Flooded Road or footpath03448 008020NCC
Fly Tipping01263 516085NNDC
Littering01263 516085NNDC
Manhole cover missing/broken03448 008020NCC
Nuisance01263 516085NNDC
Pot holes03448 008020NCC
Road signs missing/damaged03448 008020NCC
Street names missing/damaged01263 513811NNDC
Street Lights03448 008020Amey
Traffic Light problems03448 008020NCC
Trees Overhanging03448 008020NCC