What goes in?

Paper & Cardboard
Plastic Bottles, Including Lids
Plastic Food Pots, Tubs & Trays
Food and Drink Cartons
Bottles & Jars, Including Lids
Steel & Aluminium Cans
Aluminium Foil & Trays
Empty Aerosols

General Rules

No Bagged recycling in your green bin
Rinse food and drink containers before recycling
Incorrect items in your recycling bin may result in it not being emptied
Additional recycling can be taken if it is left by the side of your bin in a clear plastic bag or cardboard box
Bin lids must be closed
Additional household waste will not be taken
Put your bin on the edge of your property nearest the road by 7am on your collection day with the handles facing outwards
Missed collections must be reported within seven days
Collections may be delayed in bad weather, leave your bin out and we will aim to collect it as soon as possible.