North Walsham Town Council own all the Grit bins, Dog bins and Litter bins listed below. If anyone notices any damaged or missing bins, please email

Grit Bins

Although the Town Council are responsible for the Grit bins, providing the grit inside the bin is the responsibility of Norfolk County Council, if you need to request more grit please contact Norfolk County Council.

Grit bins should be filled by early December and refilled by February if necessary. We urge people to use grit sparingly. A tablespoon of salt will treat an area of 1m2

Grit Bin

4a Market Street
Acorn Rd/Wooll Drive
Anchor Rd
Bradfield Close
Brookes Dr (bus stop)
Cooper Rd

Fairview Rd/Park Ave
Fern Drive
Furze Hill
Hamilton Close
Millfield Rd/Station Rd
Millfield Sch (Rec rd)

North/South Cemetery
Oak Rd footpath
opp Hollybush Drive
Registry Office
Royston Green

Sadlers Way
Simpson Close
Spencer Ave
St Marys Way
Wharton Drive
White Horse Cmn

Dog Bins

North Walsham Town Council own the dog bins listed below. Other dog bins around the Town are owned by North Norfolk District Council. The emptying of all dog bins is the responsibility of North Norfolk District Council, except for the dog bins in our parks and cemeteries.

These bins should be emptied on a weekly basis, any problems with emptying please report a bin or email

Any dog fouling problems can be reported at dog fouling

Dog bin

Acorn Rd Field
Bluebell Pond
Cemeteries x2
Cromer Rd/Link Rd
Cromer Rd/Laundry Loke
Hall Lane

Memorial Park x3
Millfield Rd/Station Rd
Millfield School/Recreation Rd
Mundesley Rd/Northfield Rd
Mundesley Rd/Paston Way
Northfield Rd/Nelson Way

Norwich Rd/Garden Centre
Norwich Rd/Foundry Court
Pound Rd/Manor Rd
Trackside Park x3
Woodville Park x3

Litter Bins

North Walsham Town Council are responsible for litter bins located on our Parks and open spaces as listed below. All other litter bins are the responsibility of North Norfolk District Council and can be reported at report a bin

Litter bin

Churchyard recyclable x3
Trackside x4
War Memorial Park x8
Woodville Park x3