Street Furniture

Roadside Seats & Benches

North Walsham Town Council own and are responsible for all the benches listed below. If anyone notices any seats/benches that have been damaged or broken please report this to

Pound Rd        
Marshgate/Bluebell Rd
Bacton Rd
Mundesley Rd   
Norwich Rd
Grammar School Rd
Skeyton Rd 
Aylsham Rd
Recreation Rd
Yarmouth Rd
New Rd
Cromer Rd/Bradfield Rd
Market Place x2
Precinct x3
Cemeteries x11
Churchyard x6
Memorial Park x7
Trackside x2
Woodville x1


North Walsham Town Council maintains Closed Circuit TV around the Town. These are located at the places below

War Memorial Park
Opposite Kings Arms Hotel
Opposite Church Street
Vicarage Car Park
Corner of Market Street/Aylsham Rd
Market Place
Trackside Park

Bus Shelters

North Walsham town Council is responsible for the Bus shelters around the town as listed below

Brookes Drive
Norwich Rd
Yarmouth Rd
Park Lane
Cromer Rd x2

SAM2 Signs

North Walsham Town Council has 6x SAM2 (speed awareness message) signs which are display around the Town. They are sited for 4weeks and cannot be returned to the same site for another 8 weeks. Anyone wishing to request siting of a SAM2 sign for traffic calming purposes, please email