North Walsham Town Council is responsible for 148 street lights listed below. If you wish to report a faulty light, please email stating the location, number and nature of fault.

Other streetlights in the Town are the responsibility of Norfolk County Council, and faults to these lights can be reported to street maintenance

War Memorial ParkAlong Path x10
Anchor Road1Outside Blangor, Opposite The Cottage
Anchor Road2Outside Rose Villa
Anchor Road3Outside Former Post Office
Anchor Road4100m from Former Post Office
Anchor Road5200m from Former Post Office
Beech Drive1Top of Drive
Beech Drive2Bottom of Drive
Black Swan Loke On Wall
Cherry Tree Lane10Near Junction with Cromer Road
Cherry Tree Lane9Next to Railway Cromer Road Side
Cherry Tree Lane8Next to Railway Outside No. 45
Cherry Tree Lane7Outside No. 40
Cherry Tree Lane6Outside No. 32
Cherry Tree Lane5Outside No. 31
Cherry Tree Lane4Outside No. 21
Cherry Tree Lane3Outside No. 26
Cherry Tree Lane2Opposite No. 5
Cherry Tree Lane1Outside No. 8
Coronation Walk1Outside No. 18
Coronation Walk2Outside No. 3
Dixon Road1on Corner
Garden Close1Outside No. 8
Garden Close2Outside No. 4
Grange Court3Outside No. 10
Grange Court2Outside No. 4
Grange Court1Outside No. 1
Greens Road1Past Cromer Road Junction
Greens Road2Between No. 7/9
Greens Road3Opposite New houses
Grove Road1Outside No. 7
Grove Road2Between Hiddenhurst & Homewood
Hall Lane1Entrance to Reeves Court
Hall Lane2Opposite No. 14
Hall Lane3Opposite No. 27
Hall Lane4Opposite No. 43
Hall Lane5Opposite Lime Tree Road
Hall Lane6Opposite No. 50
Hall Lane7Opposite No. 55
Hall Lane8Opposite No. 59
Hall Lane9Opposite No. 62
Hall Lane10Junction with Pound Road
Hamlet Close4Outside No. 17
Hamlet Close3Outside No. 31
Hamlet Close2Outside No. 1
Hamlet Close1Opposite Brunswick Cottage
Hannant Road1Outside No. 7
Hannant Road2Opposite No. 12
Kimberley Road1Outside No. 2
Kimberley Road2Outside No. 7
Kimberley Road3Outside No. 10
Kimberley Road4Outside No. 28
Kings Arms Loke1Opposite School Entrance
Kings Arms Loke2Corner of Market Place
Kingsway7Garden of No. 44
Kingsway6Outside No. 32
Kingsway3Outside No. 20
Kingsway2Outside No. 3
Kingsway5Footpath Between No. 2/4a
Kingsway8Footpath Rear of Belmont
Kingsway1Junction with Cromer Road
Kingsway4End of Cul-de-sac
Lime Tree Road1Outside Bethany
Lime Tree Road2Between No. 6/7
Lime Tree Road3Outside Rimington
Loades Buildings1Between Hall Lane & Ally next no. 35 New Rd
Manor Road 2Outside School opposite Park Avenue
Manor Road1Outside School opposite No. 2
Manor Road5 
Manor Road 9Outside No. 39
Manor Road 8Outside No. 21
Manor Road7Opposite Anchor Road
Manor Road6Outside Manor Farm Anchor Road side
Manor Road  4Outside Manor Farm
Manor Road3Past No. 3 towards Spa Common
Manor Road10Past Column 3 towards Spa Common
Manor Road11Past Column 10 towards Spa Common
Marshgate4Outside No. 61
Marshgate3Opposite No. 53
Marshgate2Outside No. 45
Marshgate1Opposite No. 22
Meadow Close1Opposite No. 11
Meadow Close2Outside No. 6
Mitre Tavern Yard2Market Street end
Mitre Tavern Yard1Vicarge Street end
Nelson Way1Footpath off Northfield Road
Northmead Drive6Between No. 29/31
Northmead Drive5Between No. 19/29
Northmead Drive4Opposite Garden Close
Northmead Drive3Between No. 15/17
Northmead Drive2Opposite Orchard Close
Northmead Drive1Between No. 4/6
Orchard Close1Outside No. 7
Orchard Close2Outside No. 4
Pound Road1Footpath Pound Road/Park Avenue
Princes Street3Outside No. 31
Princes Street2Outside No. 12
Princes Street1Opposite No. 8
Queensway3Opposite Garages
Queensway2Outside No. 9
Queensway1Opposite Princes Street
Royston Green1after Junction with Marshgate
Royston Green2Between No. 5/7
Royston Green3Between No. 17/19
Royston Green4Outside No. 42
Royston Green5Between No. 10/12
Spenser Avenue1Junction with Happisburgh Road
Spenser Avenue2Outside School
Spenser Avenue3Opposite No. 1
Spenser Avenue4Outside No. 5
Spenser Avenue5Outside No. 11
Spenser Avenue6Outside No. 15
Spenser Avenue7Outside No. 21
Spenser Avenue8Outside No. 25
Spenser Avenue9Outside No. 26
Spenser Avenue10Opposite No. 29
Spenser Avenue11Outside No. 37
Spenser Avenue12Outside No. 44
St.Benets Avenue2Outside No. 8
St.Benets Avenue1Outside No. 2
St.Benets Avenue3Between No. 5/6
St.Marys Way1Outside No. 6
St.Nicholas Churchyard4North West Corner
St.Nicholas Churchyard3South West Corner
St.Nicholas Churchyard2North East Corner
St.Nicholas Churchyard1South Side
St.Nicholas Churchyard5West Side
St.Nicholas Churchyard6East Side
St.Nicholas Churchyard7South East Side
The Butchery1Near Church Wall
The Close2Bottom of Close
The Close1Outside No. 8
White Horse Common5Outside No. 10
White Horse Common4Outside No. 7
White Horse Common3Outside Wheelwright Arms
White Horse Common2Near Hill Farm
White Horse Common1Outside Fairview
William Paston Road1Only Light
Witton View1Only Light